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KRDO BREAKDOWN: What led to the death of Natalie Partida and Derek Greer

What we know about what led up to the murder of 2 El Paso Co teens

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The arrest affidavits for the suspects accused in the murders of two El Paso County teens were released on Thursday, revealing details that lead to their deaths. 

Natalie Partida, 16, and Derek Greer, 15, were found dead on March 12 along Old Pueblo Road near exit 123 off I-25. 

According to the arrest affidavits, they were fatally shot after being "forced to take the execution position."

The shell casings and blood patterns found at the scene lead detectives to believe that they were killed in the same place they were found. 

According to statements from the suspects and witnesses to investigators, this all started after Partida allegedly stole a purse at a party that was hosted by Joey Rodriguez. 

The affidavits say that on March 11 at around 7 p.m. Partida ran away from home and was reported as a runaway a couple of hours later.  

It is unclear at this time how and when Partida and Greer met up, but after Partida ran away the two were picked up at a friend's house by Marco Garcia-Bravo and Gustavo Marquez.

Marquez admits in the court documents that he would often drive Greer and Partida to buy illegal drugs. 

Partida and Greer were then taken to Rodriguez's home on Potter Drive where Rodriguez went outside to  threaten them and take Partida's phone. Alexandra Romero stayed inside during the altercation and saw Rodriguez holding her phone. 

Diego Chacon was also at the home during this, but it is unclear whether he was outside with Rodriguez or inside with Romero. 

Then Partida, Greer, Garcia-Bravo, Chacon and Marquez got in the vehicle and drove off.

Chacon then pointed a gun at Partida's stomach, and she "begged for her life numerous times during the drive," according to a statement from Marquez to investigators. 

Marquez also said that Garcia-Bravo offered her a phone and a chance to log on to Facebook to say goodbye to her family.

When she didn't immediately log in to her Facebook account, they took the phone and told her "that she had lost her chance."

Once they parked along Old Pueblo Road, that's when Marquez says Partida was fatally shot by Chacon and Greer was shot by Garcia-Bravo, using a 9mm semi-automatic Smith & Wesson handgun. 

According to the court documents, it was Romero and Rodriguez that came up with the scheme to get Partida into the car with Marquez and Garcia-Bravo. The two would then drive her to Rodriguez's house to be beaten up and scared. 

Garcia-Bravo, Chacon, and Marquez then took Partida and Greer to Old Pueblo Road when "things got out of hand," according to Marquez. He said this to Romero after Partida and Greer were fatally shot, according to the affidavits. 

Romero later told investigators that she believed "Chacon's role was to murder Partida, because he was carrying the only gun and that Marquez was the kidnapper, because he was the only person that could get Partida in the car with them. 

In Romero's statement, the target was Partida and "Derek was only murdered because he was present."

Watch our Bart Bedsole explain the timeline: 

After Partida and Greer were killed, Chacon, Marquez and Garcia- Bravo met back up with Romero and Rodriguez at Endo Velarde's home off Bijou Street. 

At the house, Romero told investigators that she saw Chacon throw the gun on the bed, and he said to her,"They are gone! Diablo (Garcia-Bravo) did one and I did the other."

On March 16, Velarde told investigators that he had people over the night of the 11th, but didn't know specifically who all was there. 

Velarde's dad, Alander Wilson denied having anyone over that night, according to the affidavits.  

The gun used to killed Partida and Greer was then sold to Carlos Meza, who was on parole at the time. 

Marquez was arrested on March 19. Chacon, Rodriguez and Romero were arrested on March 25. Wilson was arrested on March 28. Velarde turned himself in on April 1. 

Meza pleaded guilty on July 24 to a possession of a weapon charge and will be put on two years of supervised probation. 

The final two arrested in connection to this case are Angelica Prado and Breanna Dahlberg. 

Their connection begins with an incident that occurred on February 27.

Prado, Romero, and Rodriguez kidnapped an unknown juvenile female who was associated with Partida at a party held at Verlade and Wilson's home back in February, according to the affidavits. 

The victim claims Prado, Romero, and Rodriguez blind folded her and took her to a hotel where they punched her in the face and tazed her. At some point in time, a picture was taken of the victim holding a sign that what we believe said she and "Partida stole from them."

After several hours in the hotel room, the victim was blind folded again and taken to Dahlberg's home. Romero and Rodriguez told Dahlberg to "watch her and not let her go." 

Nine hours later, the victim escaped Dahlberg's home. 

Prado pleaded guilty to kidnapping, drug charges, and eluding police on July 31. She will serve four years in prison.

Dahlberg pleaded guilty to false imprisonment on July 17.

WARNING: Some of the content within the affidavits could be considered disturbing. 

To read the affidavits in full, click here

Here are the 10 suspects involved in this case: 



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