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Motions hearing could take a week in Galloway double-murder trial

Prosecutors are seeking death penalty

Colorado Springs, COLO. -

An El Paso County district judge set aside a week in April to hear testimony and motions in the Glen Galloway double-murder trial.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and could present upwards of 50 motions beginning April 24.

Galloway, 44, faces multiple counts of first-degree murder in attacks on his ex-girlfriend and a homeless man.

Janice Nam was found shot to death in her home last May. Galloway was previously convicted for stalking her. In that same time frame, Marcus Anderson was shot to death in a storage unit near North Nevada and East Fillmore.

A man hunt was launched for Galloway. According to court papers, he had cut off an ankle monitor and went into hiding. He eventually turned himself in.

Last week, prosecutors filed legal notice to seek the death penalty. It’s the first death penalty case in a decade in El Paso County. Many of the motions presented in April will likely include the aggravating factors for the death penalty.

4th Judicial District Judge Gregory Werner is also expected to rule on the 404B motion, whether Galloway’s prior crimes can be introduced at trial.

Judge Werner also told the defense team that they will need to confirm whether mental issues will be part of the defense. Dan King, a Denver-area public defender said he will do his best to have an answer by then.

King represented Aurora theatre shooter James Homes and currently represents admitted Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear.

While it wasn’t a death penalty case, the jury selection process from the Holmes trial may be used as a template for the Galloway trial. Reggy Short with the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office mentioned that as a possibility during Tuesday’s hearing. Three-thousand people were issued jury duty in that case.

     Because of this back-to-back fatal shooting case, there will be two separate trials. They will likely be scheduled for June and July.



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