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Two arrested in double murder in El Paso Co. appear in court

COLORADO SPRINGS - Two suspects in the double murder case of Coronado High School friends Derek Greer and Natalie Partida were in court on Monday.

Alander Wilson will be heading to trial in March. He faces charges of attempting to influence a public official in connection with the case.

Also, Endo Velarde was in court to request a bond reduction in a sex assault case, but it was denied by the judge.

He is currently in jail for:     

  • Sex assault/ child-aggravated
  • 2 counts of violent crime-sex offense
  • Sex assault/child

Endo also faces a charge of attempting to influence a public official.

If you remember, Endo and Alander only played a minor role in the death of Greer and Partida. 

Their home was allegedly used as a meeting place for the accused shooters Diego Chacon and Gustavo Marquez to meet up following the murder of Partida and Greer on March 12. The two also lied to investigators about their involvement in the teens' death. 

For more on the case: KRDO BREAKDOWN: What led to the death of Natalie Partida and Derek Greer

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