Friend: Shooter blamed neighbors for break-in

Kingsborough shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - A friend of the man who opened fire on a total of four people says Madrios Chang was set off by a break-in at his apartment.

Chang, 38, was a resident at the Kingsborough Apartments on Village Road South.

The longtime friend and former employer, who worked unsuccessfully with police to contact Chang throughout the hours long ordeal at the complex, says Chang was upset over a break-in at his apartment, and blamed his neighbors.

The confrontation resulted in the two neighbors being shot.

Both neighbors survived and escaped.

However, Chang later fatally shot a woman with him in his apartment and then himself.

CSPD has yet to identify any of the people involved in the shooting.

Neighbors were carefully evacuated from the immediate area Monday night after the shooting.

Police say it began with officers responding to a call for shots fired, and the officers were then fired at through a window of the building, prompting a full tactical response by CSPD.

We spoke with one of the neighbors who says he doesn't believe Chang shot himself. The neighbor also told us he was told by the woman who was shot, that she was not the one Chang intended to shoot.

It wasn't until shortly after 2:00am that police entered the apartment in question and found the two victims.

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