ID theft lab discovered at COS home, 100 possible victims

COLORADO SPRINGS - At least 100 people's identities could be compromised after police recently discovered an identity theft laboratory at a Colorado Springs home. 

The lab was found after the two responsible, 35-year-old James McHenry and 26-year-old Kali Watson, had already been arrested for prior incidents relating to identity theft and forgery. 

CSPD were directed towards McHenry and Watson when they got a report of mail theft in the 300 block of N. Murray Blvd on September 9. A person's check had been stolen from their mail and was altered and cashed by an unknown party. 

On December 1, McHenry was sentenced to four years for an unrelated identity theft and forgery case.  

Financial Crimes Investigators arrested Watson on December 1 at her residence near the N. Murray Blvd home on an outstanding unrelated warrant regarding forgery and narcotics. 

After searching Watson's home, police found an unknown amount illegal narcotics and an identity theft laboratory involving at least 100 victims. 

Formal charges for the recent discovery are still pending on Watson. 

If you have more questions, contact the Colorado Springs Police Department at 444-7000. 


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