Maketa posts apology video to employees on sheriff's office internal site

WATCH: Sheriff Maketa's apology to employees

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says that Sheriff Terry Maketa posted an apology video on its internal site on Saturday.

The sheriff is embroiled in a controversy involving allegations of creating a hostile work environment, misuse of taxpayer money and sexual favoritism.

In the video, Maketa says that he "engaged in inappropriate behavior in the past" and that when confronted about the behavior he denied it, which compounded the problem.

Maketa reiterates his intention to serve out the remainder of his term in the video and promises to "get better each hour, each day."

KRDO NewsChannel 13 has a copy of the video, which has poor quality audio. We are working to transcribe the video and will bring you more on KRDO NewsChannel 13 at 6 and 10 and on

"I come before you embarrassed and humbled by the events of this past week. I engaged in inappropriate behavior in the past. When confronted about that behavior, I denied it, thereby compounding the problem by not being candid. Each of you deserves better from me, and it is my intention, what remains of my term, to do better each hour, each day. I apologize for my behavior and not being forthright. I come to offer you an apology and tell you how I envision the future of this office as we move forward. I know that these events and media attention are a distraction, and I appreciate everyone's ongoing commitment to completing the office mission day in and day out despite that. I cannot change the past, but I can take what I have learned and experienced and use it to better serve you. The Community of El Paso County. Better than ever before. That is what I intend to do. Given that my term will expire in the near future, my goal is to begin preparing and assisting with the transition. I'll work with each of you, and the new sheriff, to make that transition as seamless, and painless as possible. Quite frankly, the office is in very good shape. We're on budget. We're staffed with a dedicated and well trained work force. I foresee very few changes. Indeed, under only the most urgent and dire circumstances will there be any personnel actions. Published policies and procedures of this office will be followed to the letter. I've long known the value of forgiveness. Some of you have benefited from that. During this last week people in the office and in the community have voiced their support to me and their willingness to forgive. It's a very humbling experience, and it's one that will make me a better manager and a better sheriff. I will strive toward a better trust and forgiveness. I know I have a long way to go, but we've come a long way together. Securing an increase in funding to keep each of you and each citizen of this county safe and better protected. We have the finest training facilities in the state. The organization as well as the community has benefited from the new (unintelligible) headquarters building, which allowed us to centralize many of our services. --- (unintelligible) --- continued compliance with this high standards which distinguishes us as a leader in law enforcement. Together we can build on these accomplishments. (unintelligible) sheriff, with an office that is committed to being prepared to respond to any demands and law enforcement potentials -- civil process, emergency management, search and rescue. An office, which all of you, the citizens of El Paso County, can be very proud once again."

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