#MaketaTrial: Day 2 of testimony

COLORADO SPRINGS - It's day two of testimony in the case against former El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa. Eleven witnesses were called to the stand on Friday.

The first, Carl Anderson who works as a health care contractor for the El Paso County jail.

He testified about extortion allegations, claiming Maketa told him to fire an employee or threatened to pull a multi-million dollar contract.

"It kind of threw us, the CHC leadership, into somewhat of a tailspin on how to respond and move forward with the next steps on following through with removing Wendy Habert," Anderson said.

We also heard from Sam Poppleton, an investigator with AT&T who showed pages of texts regarding the case.

A turning point in court was retired deputy Robert Stone's testimony. He testified in regards to the missing Bill Elder file and spoke out about who he thinks took it.

"The sheriff, I'm walking by my office he has a very large folder in his hand and he says, 'I'm going to take this, I'm not going to tell you who's it is'," Stone said.

"Who might have taken that file?," prosecutors asked.

"I believe that under sheriff Paula Presley had taken the file," Stone responded.

"What was Presley's reaction when she heard that," prosecutors asked.

"I was told that in an appointed meeting that Presley had threatened to kill me," Stone replied.

We heard from another Sheriff's office employee, Lt. Scott Deno, who was one of the few in charge of the internal affairs unit where the Bill Elder file was kept. Deno testified Maketa had odd behavior about the file and told him to drop the case.

"He explained to me that this was a misunderstanding. He said there's no further investigation, we're going to cancel this case. I absolutely followed his order, I went ahead and and typed a memo," Deno said.

All the testimony relates to the seven charges Maketa faces including extortion and witness tampering stemming from his time in office as Sheriff.

Friday, judge Schwartz the trial is ahead of schedule and they're expecting final arguments on Monday, July 10.

Meanwhile, Maketa seemed calm throughout the entire trial.  

To follow along with what is happening in the courtroom: 




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