Man arrested after refusing to get out of his vehicle

Sand Creek Police arrested Adrian Hill on a felony warrant

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Sand Creek Patrol officers arrested a man after he refused to get out of his vehicle during a traffic stop early Wednesday morning (1/08/14).

Police stopped the vehicle for traffic violations in the 300 block of South Academy Blvd., in Colorado Springs, around one-thirty in the morning.

According to police, the man, Adrian Hill, 45, refused to talk to the officer who pulled him over and,instead, partially rolled down his window and handed the officer a piece of paper stating that the man was a "sovereign citizen."

Since Hill refused to talk with police, they ordered him and two passengers with him to get out of the vehicle.  Police said, the passengers complied with the order, but Hill refused to leave his seat inside the vehicle.

Finally, after more than an hour of negotiations, police said Hill got out of the vehicle.

He was arrested for one felony warrant on criminal charges for obstruction and interference and several traffic violations.  One of the passengers was arrested for an outstanding warrant unrelated to the traffic stop.

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