New details in Canon City meth lab bust

2 fugitives, 2 female accomplices in custody.

New Details On Canon City Arrests

CANON CITY, Colo. - Canon City police said two fugitives from a federal facility in Michigan are so dangerous that one of them recently escaped from a police helicopter.

On Friday, police provided more details about the Thursday evening arrests of Kenneth Grauman, 32, and Gregory Bradshaw, 24.  They were caught by authorities at the Budget Host Motel on Raynolds Avenue.  The suspects had checked in under assumed names and begun the process of starting a meth lab, police said.

"From the point of escape until their arrest, information was provided to us that they had resisted arrest on three prior occasions, and escaped from three different local law enforcement agencies," said Canon City Police Chief Paul Schultz.  "And there was considerable violence, we were told.  High-speed chases."

Schultz said he wasn't sure which suspect escaped from the police helicopter, or how that was accomplished.

According to one report, the suspects knew each other and were close to being released from a minimum-security facility near Grand Rapids, Mich.  when they escaped.  Their criminal backgrounds and the method of their escape were unavailable.

The suspects have been on the run ever since, believed to have stolen five vehicles and several guns in at least three states.  However, authorities found only one handgun at the motel.

Also arrested were Grauman's cousin, Lauralee Grauman, 29, and a 17-year-old female.  They were found near the motel in a stolen car from Iowa bearing stolen plates from Canon City.  According to a report, Lauralee is Bradshaw's girlfriend and the juvenile is Kenneth's girlfriend.

All four suspects face drug-related charges, said Schultz, while the fugitives likely will be charged with escape as well.  The adults remain in the Fremont County jail, and the juvenile is in the Spring Creek Juvenile Detention Facility in Colorado Springs.

Police said the fugitives arrived in Canon City on Wednesday and went there because they had friends in the area.  Three schools were briefly placed on lockdown, police said, when one of the friends planned to meet the fugitives while picking up her child.  However, police said the fugitives never arrived.

The U.S. Marshal's Service notified police that the fugitives were in town.  A variety of agencies cooperated to make the arrest.  Police said they are thankful the suspects were captured quickly, quietly and safely.

The motel closed during the bust but has since reopened, and the room used by the suspects was being cleaned.

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