No confidence: El Paso County Commissioners ask Sheriff Terry Maketa to resign

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - El Paso County Commissioners asked Sheriff Terry Maketa to resign Thursday while unanimously casting a vote of no confidence in the sheriff's ability to continue leading the department.

The no confidence vote is symbolic as the commissioners have no power to remove the sheriff from his position.

Maketa is embroiled in a controversy involving allegations of sexual discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.

Sheriff Maketa has said that he intends to finish out his term.  KRDO NewsChannel 13 asked the Sheriff's Office for a response to the commissioners' vote and we are waiting to hear if he has changed his mind.

Commissioners stressed that the call for Maketa to resign is not a matter of guilt or innocence.  Independent investigators will still look into each accusation against Maketa.

"We're not saying that someone is right or wrong," said Commissioner Darryl Glenn.  "Our job is to make sure that we provide a functional environment for this community."

The commissioners unanimously agreed that as the investigation plays out over the coming months, Maketa is still not fit for duty.  They were particularly concerned about trust issues within the department and with the community, especially if the county had to deal with a significant tragedy like a fire or flood. 

"How are they going to be able to communicate? Are we going to be using attorneys to act as third parties?" Glenn said.  "That's not a way that we can actually function, especially at taxpayer's expense."

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