Only On 13: Couple finds stolen truck on road, gets it back

A couple takes action when they spot their truck in the next lane

Only On 13: Couple finds stolen truck on the road, gets it back

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It was an unbelievable moment for the owners of a stolen truck when they spotted their vehicle on the road next to them, and jumped into action to get it back.

Kim and Ray Lannigan were driving up to the light on 8th and Cimarron Streets when they spotted their black truck in the next lane.

They pulled their car directly in front of the truck, and got out of the car. When the female driving their stolen vehicle tried to back up, Kim pulled her out of the truck. A KRDO Newschannel 13 crew happened to drive up seconds later.

"This is my truck! This is my truck!" screamed Kim as she held the woman against the door. "No! You're staying right here!"

Traffic at the light was blocked as Kim held on to the scared looking women. Police arrived minutes later.

Ray explained that the truck had been stolen on Sunday by a woman they let stay in their home.

"With all the vehicle thefts going on, this was on of them, and we were lucky," Ray said.

The couple said the woman behind the wheel of the truck was a friend of the car thief. That woman could be heard yelling that she didn't know the truck was stolen.

Police said the driver may not be liable for the theft, but was wanted for another crime and taken into custody.

Kim called what happened karma.

"I was sitting at the light, and I was telling my husband, 'God, I just want to see my truck,'" said Kim. "I happened to look over to the right and, as God as my witness, 'That's my truck! You're kidding me, that's my truck!'"

Police on scene said, while they never encourage victims to take action like this, they understand how emotions can run strong in the heat of the moment.

"They just react, especially to something like this," said Sgt. Chris Newton. "It's so spur of the moment. It's like, 'Wow, here's my truck and I have to stop this person,' so they just react."

This time it was a success story.

"It's amazing, amazing, amazing," said Kim "It really is."

Police said they're still investigating who will face charges for stealing the truck.

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