Police may not respond to certain burglar alarms that go off

A need to know if you have a home or business burglar alarm

Unregistered burglar alarms may be ignored

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Over the past year, there's been a boost in the number of unregistered burglar alarms going off.  Many of the alarm companies in the city of Colorado Springs are not registering home and business burglar alarms.  When those alarms go off, Police may not come to your home or business says Police Lt Brian Ritz, "The alarm company will call us and we ask for the permit number and we put it in the database and it comes back with no permit, we have the authority under the ordinance not to respond to the alarm."

When you purchase a burglar alarm with monitoring from a company,  they should provide you with a ten page ordinance explaining your responsibility for the burglar alarm and fines if it accidentally goes off and police respond to it.  There is also other paperwork for you to read and sign.  You have to pay a 24 dollar fee every year to make sure you get a permit number.  The burglar alarm company is the entity to forward all this information and money from you to the Colorado Springs Police Department.  Lt Ritz tells me that when an unregistered alarm goes off, "People are becoming a little upset thinking they are monitored and expecting a police response.  You may not get that response if you are not registered with us."  He also believes that there is another possible reason for unregistered burglar alarms, "There seems to be a disconnect from the alarm sellers to following this ordinance to make sure these people are registered."

I called several business owners to ask them if they have a registered burglar alarm and filled out the paperwork.  One owner told me he didn't know and had to check with his bookkeeper to see if his alarm was registered.   You could be in the same boat.  That's why you need to be proactive and get with your alarm company to make sure you are registered and that company is licensed and registered. 

There are exceptions to the rule of police not responding to unregistered burglar alarms.  Officers will respond if there is evidence that a crime is going on at the property.  For example, they will respond if someone calls 9-1-1. 

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