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Deputies injured by inmates in Pueblo County jail attacks

PUEBLO, Colo. - Three detention deputies were injured in two attacks by inmates at the Pueblo County Detention Center Friday morning.

The first attack happened at 3:30 a.m. when, according to the sheriff's office, Mario Vigil, 44, asked to speak with a deputy in private. The deputy agreed to meet with Vigil. During that meeting, the inmate was able to wrestle the deputy's stun gun away from him and try to escape, but he couldn't get the elevator to work. The sheriff's office says Vigil stunned a second deputy who showed up to help. 

The second incident happened about three hours later when deputies say they discovered contraband in a cell. The sheriff's office says the inmates in the cell threatened to hurt the deputies if they tried to take the forbidden item away. 

When deputies went into the cell, the sheriff's office says Anthony Medina, 33, and Jerry Poncek, 36, assumed a fighting stance. A stun gun was used to end the situation. One deputy suffered minor injuries. 

The inmates involved in Friday morning's incidents will face new charges. 

“I am proud of the bravery and professional response my deputies displayed while confronting this potential threat to themselves and to public safety,” said Detention Bureau Chief Jeffrey Teschner. “Situations involving inmate resistance and defiance to facility rules have become more common as the result of sustained overcrowding at the jail," he said. 


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