Pueblo County Crime

Pueblo Co. man arrested for kidnapping girlfriend

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 21-year-old for kidnapping his girlfriend and forcing her to drive him to Pueblo where he allegedly robbed a convenience store. 

Jacob Allen Kiker was arrested on Thursday at a home in the Blende area where the victim and her family lived. 

On Wednesday, the victim told deputies that Kiker punched her several times and demanded that he give her one of her guns. When she refused, Kiker hit her, forcing her to hand over the weapon.  He then threatened her and her family with the gun.

Kiker allegedly told the victim to take him to any convenience store that did not have cameras. She said that she did not know of any but continued to drive him to the 7-11 at 804 E. Fourth Street. He went in the store, and when he came back out, he demanded that she take the gun and hide it. They then went back to her home. 

She told deputies she did not try to leave Kiker when he went into the store because she was afraid he would hurt her and her family.

On Thursday afternoon, he was arrested for second-degree kidnapping, menacing with a deadly weapon, third-degree assault, and domestic violence. 

The gun has been recovered.

Police are still investigating the robbery. 

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