Pueblo County Crime

Pueblo shooting not scaring neighbor off porch

Pueblo crime wave awareness aided by social media

PUEBLO, Colo. - Jessica Pena won't let a shooting just down the street from her home scare her off her neighborhood watch position on the front porch.

Sunday night Pena was home with her daughter and husband when she heard several gunshots.

"We went crawling down the hall to her bedroom in the back and the dogs were barking and we stayed there three minutes and called police and they got here quick," said Pena.

Robert Gonzalez, Jr., 38, was killed just a few houses down from Pena on East 9th Street. On Wednesday, police arrested Corey Martinez, 24, in connection with Gonzalez' death. Police said Gonzalez was dating Martinez' mother.

Pena said despite the shooting she feels safe.

"If I need a cigarette, I'll come out here and I'll keep a lookout if I see anything different," said Pena.

She believes her presence on the porch has kept criminal activity on her block at a minimum.

Pena also sees police driving on her street at all hours of the day. She wishes those officers would rely on neighbors for tips if they're looking for someone dangerous.

Pena said her heart goes out to the family members of criminals.

"I feel sorry for the kids and the parents wondering, wondering what's going to happen," said Pena.

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