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Vague call leads to lockdown of Pueblo County D70 Schools

Pueblo schools lockdown after threat

PUEBLO COUNTY - All schools in Pueblo County D-70 were placed on a precautionary lockdown Wednesday. 

The district announced the lockdown status on social media Wednesday morning, claiming that a vague robocall was placed to the Pueblo Police Department targeting all schools in Pueblo County.

According to the Pueblo Police Department, a call was made to someone in Lamar stating that there would be a shooting at a school.

The call was traced back to a phone in Colorado Springs. 

Police have yet to find any evidence that proves the threat was credible. 

District officials say that they are taking every precaution necessary until they receive the all clear from authorities. 

Students are still attending class, but no one is being allowed to go into the buildings. 

Pueblo City Schools were also on lockdown. Only nine of those schools are in session, the rest go back on the 22. 


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