Pueblo County fraud suspects wanted for questioning

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office wants businesses, banks, and recent theft victims to be aware of a ring of fraud suspects that are stealing tens of thousands of dollars.

A group of "travelling" men is taking routing and bank account numbers and creating fake checks. The checks are then being written out to the suspects and forged. Check in hand, the suspects then walk up to a teller, register, or other check cashing entity, often in a construction worker "costume", and attempt to cash the checks. They have been successful a number of times in Pueblo County. 

The Sheriff's Office warns local businesses and banks to watch for drivers licenses with the following names;

  • Sean Ray Cochran using an Arizona Drivers License
  • Jared Robert Moore using a Virginia Drivers License
  • Danic Mulipa Vaivai using a Colorado Drivers License (Monument)
  • Ernest Morton Prater Jr. using a Colorado ID (Colorado Springs)
  • Efrain Ibarra using a Colorado ID (Colorado Springs)
  • Kerry Lee Cooper using Colorado ID (Colorado Springs)
  • Brett Alan Cooper using Colorado ID (Denver)

Detectives are working diligently to confirm the identity of these individuals and have discovered some of these names are linked to similar cases throughout the United States. 

PCSO Law Enforcement Bureau Captain Jeff Teschner warns citizen's that may have recently had checking information stolen from their home, car, or mailbox, "If you have had your banking information compromised in the past few months, we recommend you have your account flagged at your bank. This includes business and personal accounts."

If you see any of these people, please do not follow or approach them. Instead contact the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at 583-6250.

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