Pueblo Police Department PIO under investigation after allegedly firing shot at stolen vehicle

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PUEBLO, Colo. - The Public Information Officer with the Pueblo Police Department is under investigation after he allegedly fired a round at his son's vehicle which had been reported stolen. 

On August 10, Sgt. Eric Gonzales found his son's stolen vehicle while he was off duty, Chief Troy Davenport said.  

Gonzales called dispatch and officers responded. 

As he and another officer approached the vehicle, it started to back away from them. Gonzales then allegedly pulled out his weapon and fired a single shot at the vehicle.

"Nobody was hit," Davenport said. "We know that because we recovered the vehicle several days later, and there was no indication of an injury... in the vehicle." 

No one has been arrested related to the theft. 

Sgt. Gonzales has not received any punishment for the incident and is not on administrative leave. 

"There's two prongs to this investigation, one is a criminal side and the other is the internal personnel side which typically takes longer," Davenport said.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke with Sgt. Gonzales about the investigation on Wednesday afternoon, and he confirmed that it was true but he would not comment since the investigation is active. 

Davenport said depending on what they find, Gonzales could still face disciplinary action.

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