Pueblo wins governor's arts award

PUEBLO, Colo. - Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced on Thursday that Pueblo has been selected as one of only two recipients for the 2013 Governor's Arts Award.

According to a press release from Pueblo Performing Arts Guild:

Pueblo will receive the award, with the other recipient, Aspen, at the Second Annual Creative Industries Summit on April 12, 2013, in the Pueblo Creative Corridor.
Per the Colorado Creative Industries, a division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, which annually convenes a panel to review these selections, "The annual Governor's Arts Award recognizes a Colorado town or city for their collective efforts to enhance their community and their economy through strategic use of the arts. Pueblo City Council President, Steve Nawrocki, will be presented with the award, which is an original three-dimensional works by artist Michael Clapper of Denver. The artwork will hang in a public location in Pueblo. The review panel commended Pueblo for leveraging the arts to revitalize their community."

Sam Azad, Pueblo City Manager says, "The Pueblo community is mindful of the colors that make our city thrive. Our residents have histories from cultures around the world that have directed and enriched our lives.

We are proud to be recognized with the 2013 Governor's Arts Award. Our city, and the Pueblo Creative Corridor, pay homage to the many and varied influences in our lives. In Pueblo, art is the cord that ties us to our past and links us to our future."
"The Creative Corridor has been a tremendous joint effort of so many volunteers in ensuring Pueblo's revitalization, both artistically and economically," says Susan Fries, Executive Director of the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild (PPAG).  "We are pleased to be host to this year's Creative Industries Summit and welcome all visitors to explore our energetic and creative community."

John Batey, Executive Director of the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority (PURA) says, "The Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority is proud of the recognition afforded to our community by the Governor's Arts Award. As a successful applicant to the state of Colorado's Creative District program in 2012, PURA recognizes the important role that creative industries play in the redevelopment of our historic downtown. But most importantly, the Governor's Award highlights the unique community partnerships that work to enhance and foster the creative arts in Pueblo.

These partnerships not only include PURA, but the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild, the city of Pueblo, the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo and generous private citizens who have given of their own time and resources to support our community, the arts and our historic downtown."

About Pueblo's Art Community
Pueblo City and County government and agencies have an extended history of supporting arts and culture in Pueblo. The PURA and the City Planning and Development Department established a united vision for urban design standards in 1995 with unified aesthetic and arts centric elements evident in newly constructed municipal buildings and private developments. In 2012, Pueblo City Council passed a resolution supporting the formation of a Colorado Creative District. As a community, Pueblo is united in its belief that Pueblo's history and diverse cultural influences combine to make our community culture unique. The arts are a focal point in the development of that cohesive culture, as well as a vital element in its continuing redevelopment.

PURA was formed in 1959 to revitalize Pueblo and eliminate influences which serve to constrict market forces and prevent development. PURA is a governmental entity enabled by the Colorado State Statute and established by the Pueblo municipal government. PURA derives its primary source of revenue from Tax Increment Financing, which is then used to help stimulate development by using a wide variety of techniques. PURA currently participates in a multitude of projects, either by offering direct incentives to private developers, utilizing public/private partnerships, or by directly investing in public improvements.

About PPAG:
PPAG's mission is to promote the production, enjoyment and collaboration of the arts for the purposes of economic development and an enriched quality of life in Pueblo. PPAG is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide support to its membership in the form of (1) collaborating for marketing, performances, and education opportunities, (2) raising awareness in the community as to the availability of local and regional arts productions and events and (3) promoting and providing sustainable infrastructure for the creative industries. 
About Colorado Creative Industries:
The Colorado Creative Industries division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade combines state funds with federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts to promote, support and expand the creative industries to drive Colorado's economy, grow jobs and enhance our quality of life.

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