Pueblo woman arrested after chase

PUEBLO, Colo - Pueblo police arrest a woman on several charges after she drives toward officers and leads them on a chase.

Pueblo police say it started just after 4:00 pm Friday after a call to Dionisio's Metal and Iron at 700 S. Portland Ave.

Police say the a caller was concerned metal the woman was attempting to sell may have been stolen.

Upon the officers arrival police say they spotted a Grey Jeep Cherokee with a trailer attached to it driven by Patricia Russ.

Officer say that wen Russ saw the officers she drove towards the police vehicles in an attempt to get away.

Officers had to move out of the way to avoid a collision.

Russ then drove off and briefly lost the officers who began to chase her.

The vehicle was relocated a short time later and the pursuit continued lasting for approximately 19 minutes.

Police say the pursuit ended only after the vehicle drove through a yard in the 1100 block of Maudsley and crashed.

Police say Russ began to fight with officers and was eventually tased before being arrested on several charges and outstanding warrants.

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