Second arrest in a week tied to Cañon City High School for sexual assault with a student

Second arrest this week tied to Cañon City High School for sexual assault with a student

CANON CITY, Colo. - Cañon City High School teacher Robert E. Davidson is in jail, he's accused of sexually assaulting and exploiting a child. 

Davidson was arrested Wednesday on a no bond warrant. He was an ROTC instructor at the high school, and a 22- year military veteran. 

This is the second arrest this week tied to Cañon City High School for sexual assault with a student. 

"That's very scary and it worries me why something like that is coming about in our town," Cañon City High School parent Christy Botz said. 

Botz's son is a freshman at Cañon City High School and is shocked that now a teacher, and a former track coach have been arrested for sexual assault. 

"I'm glad it was caught, but I hope it stops," Botz said. 

Arrest documents obtained by KRDO NewsChannel 13 show Davidson met the 16-year-old girl when he first started at the school last August. 

Davidson told investigators he spoke with the girl face to face, through texts, messenger, and on Snapchat. 

Texts from Davidson were found on the girl's phone, including things like "I LOVE YOU!" and detailed sexual content. 

Nude pictures were also found on her phone, however Davidson denied to police that he sent revealing photos of his genitalia, and said he doesn't know why he didn't report the nude photo the girl sent to him. 

The teen did not respond to investigators when asked if the pair had engaged in sexual acts, and Davidson denied it. 

Austin Trahern was also arrested this week, he's accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old. Documents say he met the girl while he was a part-time track coach, but the Cañon City School District said Trahern was not employed as the track coach when the alleged sex assault occurred. 

Parents said the arrests are concerning. 

"It's still very worrisome that that kind of stuff is happening," Botz said. 

"It's disturbing. It bothers me, it really bothers me," Cañon City High School parent Rita Enstrom said. 

Enstrom said she has confidence the school district will take care of the problems before another student is assaulted.

"I believe that they're doing everything they can to protect our young people and I think we should give them a chance to clean up the mess," Enstrom said. 

Cañon City School District sent a statement to KRDO NewsChannel 13, stating the Fremont County District Attorney's Office should be reached out for comment, but they did not respond. 

Records also show that Davidson did not consent to downloading his cell phone contents, but did tell police the same things that were found on the girl's phone, would also be found on his. 

Davidson was in court Thursday for an advisement hearing.

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