Suit seeks to stop City of Aurora from euthanizing pit bull after attack

AURORA, Colo. - According to our partners at KMGH in Denver, an Aurora law firm is suing to try to keep a pit bull from being put down.

Bandit bit a mail carrier back in January and is still being held in an Aurora shelter pending legal appeals.

According to the city, Bandit falls under its aggressive dog breed ban, so he can't be given back to his family. The dog's owners are worried that the city will euthanize their dog. 

Now, the Animal Law Center is filing a lawsuit in federal court against the City of Aurora. 

Jennifer Reba Edwards of the ALC says the family speaks limited English and did not fully understand the guilty plea that they took in the case. 

The ALC wants Bandit to be trained and boarded, then given back to the family when they move to a new home outside Aurora's breed ban jurisdiction. 

Aurora posted a message about Bandit on its Facebook page back in January. In part, it said, "The city is concerned about the aggressive nature of this dog and concerned for the overall safety of the community, so the decision was made to keep Bandit in the care of the Aurora Animal Shelter."

Aurora would not comment further because it is a pending legal case. 

Edwards and her law firm say if Aurora agrees to an alternative with Bandit that includes giving him back to the family or even sending him to Florida to be re-trained (at the family's expense), that they would consider dropping the lawsuit. 

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