Update: Maketa still in town, cost of investigation to taxpayers unclear

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The El Paso County Sheriff's Office answered questions Wednesday about the controversy surrounding Sheriff Terry Maketa.

Sheriff's office spokesperson Lt. Jeff Kramer tells KRDO NewsChannel 13's Emily Allen that the sheriff was in the office Wednesday (5/28/14) and that he hasn't left town since news of the allegations he is facing became public Friday (5/23/14).

Kramer also says that three women at the center of the controversy -- Undersheriff Paula Presley, comptroller Dorene Cardarelle and head of training for dispatchers, Tiffany Huntz -- have not missed a day of work since the report surfaced.

When asked about the cost of the investigation, Kramer said that he doesn't have those details. Kramer says that information will have to come from El Paso County Commissioners.

Kramer also addressed an audio recording that the sheriff's office released Tuesday night (5/28/14).

The audio was released after it became public that a new complaint had been filed against Sheriff Maketa, Undersheriff Paula Presley, Chief Al Harmon and Commander John San Agustin.

The new complaint, filed by Deputy Cliff Porter, alleges that he was pressured into voting for John Anderson at the El Paso County Republican Assembly. Maketa, who is term limited, backed Anderson to replace him as sheriff.

Kramer said the decision to release an audio recording of the meeting cited by Porter was made by Chief Harmon in an attempt to clear the air.

Also Wednesday, The Gazette was first to publish this open letter from former undersheriffs Teri Goodall and Larry Kastner calling for Maketa's resignation:

Open letter to Sheriff Terry Maketa

Sheriff Maketa,

Together we proudly served as two of your Undersheriffs between 2003 and 2012. We shared with you a common vision and commitment to provide a safe community while ensuring the constitutional rights of all our citizens. We were present when you recited your oath of office. You eagerly affirmed the words to perform the duties of Sheriff and support the Constitution of the State of Colorado to the best of your skills and ability. We shared the words honesty, loyalty and unity prominently displayed on our badges. These are powerful words that inspire and motivate every member of the sheriff's office, words that have substance and meaning. We supported you because we believed you were the best person to lead the sheriff's office. Your hard work and leadership was an inspiration to us, your staff, the entire office and the citizens of El Paso County.

How did you get to where you find yourself today?

Somewhere along this almost 12-year journey you lost sight of the oath you swore to uphold. You arbitrarily exempted yourself from policy. Rules that applied to all personnel no longer applied to you.

Your time as sheriff has run its course. What we all worked so hard to achieve is on the verge of total chaos and collapse. You brought this situation upon yourself. You, Terry Maketa, choose this path and you alone carry the responsibility for the inevitable consequences.

Do what you know is right, what the Terry Maketa of 2003 would do and resign as sheriff, effective immediately.

Undersheriff Teri Goodall (Ret.), Undersheriff Larry Kastner (Ret.), Monument

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