D60 school week to change to four days

PUEBLO, Colo. - Students at Pueblo City Schools will have one less day of classes starting in August, dropping the school year from 173 days to about 150 days. 

Pueblo D60 communications manager Dalton Sprouse said not having class on Fridays is going to save the district more than a million dollars.

"What's going to make our school district more favorable place to work and more favorable place for the students to come, and ultimately, what's going to benefit the students in the long run," Sprouse said.

In order to make these changes, elementary students will spend an extra five minutes per day at school, middle schoolers will spend 30-45 minutes more minutes in the classroom daily and for high school students it will mean an additional 45 minutes. 

Fall break will also most likely be eliminated.

"This has no impact on the rigor or the coursework that we're going to be giving to students. It's still going to be just as robust as it is now," Sprouse said.

Community reaction on this change is mixed.

"The kids get tired and the parents get tired. They're tired of just getting up early in the morning," said Kassandra Willey, a parent. 

"When you're at school, you're just like sitting down and you don't really get time with your parents anymore and I think family is important," said Stephanie Tellez, a student. 

"There's some worry with parents who aren't as fully engaged in students' lives because what are they going to do on that Friday," said Aaron Lucero, a Pueblo resident. 
Sprouse said there are still a lot of decisions to be ironed out before the schedule starts. But overall they hope this boosts student achievement in a district that's been struggling. 

The district is also working with partners in the community to keep students occupied on Fridays if parents work. 

The district will remain above the state-mandated contact hours for students.

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