DACA teacher in Colorado Springs faces uncertain future

Nearly 9,000 teachers are protected under DACA

Only on KRDO DACA teacher

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "Ya'll did an amazing job! I don't know if I ever told you this [but] last week's literature role discussion was on point!"

He spends his days teaching English, at Harrison High School and Mr. Antisana is part of the roughly 21% of DACA recipients that aren't from Mexico— but rather Cochabamba, Bolivia.

"It was a very hard living [there]. I didn't understand why we left initially."

The pending negotiations on a Dream Act affect not only DACA students, but those with established careers as well. Here's something you may not have known. Nearly, 9,000 teachers are protected under the DACA program and one of them works in Colorado Springs. KRDO NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us his story.

In previous stories, we’ve introduced you to many young DREAMers. The majority hailing from Mexico.
Now, meet Luis Antezana; a man who's already living his dream.

His family migrated to California when he was seven years old.

Fast forward to 2012, "DACA happened, so then undocumented students felt safer. The stress level went away from me for sure. I was like, I’m just another human being."

Now, three years into his teaching career, Congress is struggling to save the DACA program. His future once again, unclear.

"Although, I am a bit upset about it, I am not surprised," says Antezana.

(Reporter) With DACA in limbo, the immigration subject is a topic of discussion in his classroom.

"Fear, that sense of insecurity it takes a big toll, you know?”

But for students like Marlin Villeda, who's from Honduras, Mr. Antezana is an inspiration. "He’s shown us that being undocumented doesn't stop you from being successful. He motivates us to keep moving forward."

Carlos Madrid says, he taught him English in just two months. "I’m pretty motivated because he is a great person."

"I knew that education, at the same time, I just can't keep everything up here. I need to put what I know into practice, into the world."

Luis says DACA has been a blessing but the question remains, do lawmakers in Washington feel the same?

Antezana's DACA expires next year. It will be his last year teaching at HHS, if Congress can't find a
permanent solution by their March 5th deadline. 

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