Dad Says He Told School About Carrier's Nude Exams

Father Testified He Contacted Principal Months Before Arrest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A father testified Thursday that he had contacted the Horace Mann Middle School principal about his son's concerns with Joshua Carrier's wrestling examinations about seven months before Carrier was arrested on child pornography.

The dad said his son, a 12-year-old who also testified Thursday, asked him if being "stripped down" for wrestling exams was normal. The dad said when he realized his son meant being stripped nude, he and his wife contacted the school's principal right away.

The father testified that principal Scott Stanec, who has since passed away, told him there was a "misunderstanding" and it wouldn't happen again.

The dad said he knew at the time that Carrier was giving his son the exams. The dad said he had felt Stanec's response was sufficient and let the issue go. The man noted his father was a police officer, and, at the time, he was thinking about how little it can take for someone's reputation to be ruined.

The father got choked up on the stand as he answered prosecutors questions. He said that after he heard the news of Carrier's arrest, alarms immediately went off in his head, and he called police.

He testified that while he was taking his son for a police interview, the boy told him Carrier had touched his genitals when he checked him for ringworm. The father said he blamed himself for what happened.

Three boys, all former Mann Middle School wrestlers, testified Thursday. Three more alleged victims from the wrestling team testified Wednesday. The boys shared similar stories, alleging that Carrier took took them for private medical exams and touched their private areas, mainly when he was purportedly checking for ringworm and other skin diseases.

Most of the boys who have testified said that during some of their exams with Carrier, a Mann Middle School security guard was present. That man, Nick Graham, was a close friend of Carrier's. He testified Monday that he trusted what Carrier was doing was OK, in part because Carrier was a police officer. Graham said he would have reported Carrier if he thought he was doing anything wrong.

Graham, who is facing no criminal charges, is still a District 11 employee, though he has been reassigned from his security guard position to technical services.

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