Agustin said that's false.

"What I think would be fair to anyone looking at all the things that have gone on is to allow the investigative process to work its course," said Agustin.

He also said the meeting with Porter, Presley, Maketa and Harmon was strictly to discuss Porter's insensitive comments about a missing person's case.

"What I want to make very clear is that this had nothing to do with politics. The reason for the meeting was to talk about the comments that were made in regards to that case," said Agustin.

Jensen said it is very obvious in the audio that his client was being reprimanded based on his political statement.

Porter's complaint follows the theme of a complaint made public last week.

On Friday, May 23, 2014, The Colorado Springs Gazette broke the news about the complaint that had been filed against Maketa.

The complaint filed by Commanders Rodney Gehrett, Mitchel Lincoln and Robert King alleges that Maketa had a sexual relationship with three subordinates. The commanders claim that those subordinates are Undersheriff Paula Presley, comptroller Dorene Cardarelle and head of training for dispatchers, Tiffany Huntz.

The women have denied having a sexual relationship with Maketa.