Digital legacy project helps Monument Academy students think outside the box

Digital Legacy Project

MONUMENT, Colo. - Students at Monument Academy are thinking outside the box, using their iPads to make a difference as part of a digital legacy project inspired by a teacher at the school.

"What I was hoping to do with this digital legacy project was to give students the opportunity to create something that made an impact on their communities and around the world," said Ben Honeycutt, technology teacher at Monument Academy.

Two students used their iPads to start a fundraiser for Kenya.

"We're collecting shoes to help save a school in Kenya. Once all the shoes are collected, they'll be donated to a fundraising organization who pays us 40 cents per pound of shoes," said sixth-grader Christina Strahan.

In just two weeks, Christiana and her classmate, Amelia Kulich, collected more than 500 pairs of shoes.

"If every student and teacher donated one pair of shoes in this school, we'd be at 1,000 pairs of shoes already," Amelia said.

Another student used the project to focus on clean water.

"I did charity water because kids around the world don't have clean water, and without clean water you can get very sick," said  sixth-grader Jack Sisson.

Sixth-grader Nolan Phillips used a site called Gift and Go to raise money for a friend in need.

"She was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months ago, and it's $10,000 for medical bills floating around," he said.

Others were inspired by their parents.

"My dad was in the military and so it inspired me to give to those, all these donated items go to the deployed veterans," said seventh-grader Jayden Throgmorton.

Internet safety prompted one student's project.

"It's important, because you never know what kids can get into. Kids have been kidnapped from social media or have bad stuff happen to them. I want to encourage students to stay safe," said seventh-grader Tyler Noell.

Nearly 60 students completed digital legacy projects.

"What amazes me is that all it took was this challenge, asking them if they could make a difference," Honeycutt said.


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