Recent wildfires and flooding have created a need for more people trained in evaluating the safety of buildings after a disaster. 

That training was offered in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

The Colorado South Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) sponsored a day-long training session at Pikes Peak Regional Building.  Seventy people -- mostly architects, engineers and building supervisors from the public and private sector -- attended the session.

Participants will earn national certification to evaluate homes, businesses and other buildings to analyze safety and occupancy after a disaster.

Such evaluating is intensive. 

The AIA said during record flooding last fall along Colorado's front range, a group of 15 trained professionals assessed more than 1,500 buildings in one day.

The AIA said the training session, held for the first time in Colorado Springs, increases the pool of building evaluators who can be available for disasters locally and across the country.

Lorrie Worthey, the mayor of Green Mountain Falls, said she attended the session because she wants to be more informed about the process.

"When the people who (evaluate) come to our community, I will understand the process and be able to organize the groups that come out," she said.

The AIA said more evaluators likely will be needed locally with recent wildfires increasing the flooding risk.