Dogs had old and new wounds after dogfighting ring busted in Pueblo

Dogs had old and new wounds after dog fighting ring busted in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - It wasn't hard for us to find where 19 dogs were living -- the gate was like a giant billboard that said, "dogs, no trespassing."

 Demetrio Trujillo lives across the street. He said he's not surprised to hear what happened.

"The fact that they were dogfighting does, like, connect dots that were going on with the dogs that were yelping," Trujillo said.

Animal Law Enforcement has been investigating what they call a dogfighting operation on the property in the 1400 block of Beech Street for months. On Thursday, it secured a search warrant.

"Animal fighting is a class five felony, so it's not only punishable by a fine, but a prison sentence as well," said Lt. Lindsay Vigna.


Vigna said it was evident the dogs were being abused.

"Some of the dogs had what appeared to be old wounds. Some had some fresh bite wounds," Vigna said.

The Pueblo police have condemned the property, but there is still evidence of dogs in the area, like kennels that they could have been kept in.

A dog owner himself, Trujillo says this site makes him sick.

"The fact that they were being manipulated like that and used for personal greed profits and whatnot, very disheartening," Trujillo said.

At this point, it's unclear if the animals that lived there will be available for adoption anytime soon.

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