Dozens stand in harm's way to witness standoff

Michelle San Miguel, Multimedia Journalist - Pueblo Chieftain Bureau/Telemundo Anchor,
POSTED: 11:00 PM MDT Jul 17, 2013 
PUEBLO, Colo. -

More than 40 people, including children, stood in harm's way to watch a standoff unfold in Pueblo Tuesday afternoon. Police attempted to control the crowd, as the SWAT team tried to get Ray Gonzales, 28, out of an apartment.

"From the very first [moment] when we got there we were dealing with that- little kids running around," Sgt. Rick Lancendorfer said.

Meanwhile, curious neighbors captured the incident from their cellphones.

"We could see everybody just gathering and the cops had to countless times tell people to go ahead and get back and then people just wanted to come in and start taking pictures," said July DeHerrera, who lives in the apartment complex where the standoff occurred.

Lancendorfer said closing off the area wasn't an option because of how many different entry points there were. Police say it was hard to control the crowd because they were short on officers.

"We were yelling at mothers to get the kids inside. Get out of the way," Lancendorfer said.

Lancendorfer said he could have used another five to six officers just to help with crowd control. "They watch the cop shows and cops always hit what they're shooting at," he said. "In the real world, I mean that's just not the way it is."

Initially, police thought Gonzales was armed. They later learned he was not.

Gonzales was arrested on two outstanding warrants for third-degree assault and a restraining order violation. Another man, Geoffrey Archuletta, 27, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a traffic violation.