DREAMers in Colorado Springs say the inaction of lawmakers has left them living life in limbo

DACA was supposed to end on Monday, March 5th

Walk out for Dream Act

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Things are at a stand-still for DREAMers, immigrants brought to the U.S illegally as children. The DACA program still exists even though it was supposed to expire today. NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us why DREAMers in Colorado Springs say the inaction of lawmakers has left them living life in limbo. 

[Protestors chanting]
"What do we want?”
“Dream Act!”
“When do we want it?”
“What do we need?”
“Dream Act!"

Mitchell High School students staging a walk-out  Monday to  show solidarity with undocumented youth— hoping to save the country's Dream Act.

"As youth to stand up as one and show Congress that we are out here for  a permanent solution,” explains Jonny Peña. 

DACA was supposed to end Monday but the Supreme Court extended that deadline. Still, DREAMers remain anxious. "My community is always on my mind, right. The fact of not being able to live here after residing here my whole life is very unsettling,” says DACA recipient Monica Perez.

From school grounds, to Downtown Colorado Springs, immigrants and their allies held a peaceful protest; holding signs  to make sure their plight does not go forgotten. 

“We basically tired of living deadline to deadline. We need a permanent solution.122 of them are losing status everyday,” says Perez.

Local DREAMERS—sharing tales of fear and uncertainty. "My DACA expired on January 22nd. I've lost my job and I've had to sit here in fear for the past six months watching Congress do nothing."

"I've learned that I cannot rest in a country that wants to spit me out."

But not everyone is in favor of DACA. This man, expressing his opinions  as a mother was 
sharing her story.

"Their government doesn't love them enough to back them up?"

"No they don't have that support or that force."

"So why don't they come to an embassy here and apply for, you know what I mean?"

"Because before they come here…because the process, it sometimes takes like five years and what if they don't have five years?"

While immigration remains a contentious issue DREAMers say they'll continue to pressure the White House and Congress for a Dream Act.

Some lawmakers are still working on solutions. Colorado senators Michael Bennett, and Cory Gardner say  they are working with a bipartisan group to find an answer   that protects DREAMers and keeps families together.

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