Driver caught in mudslide reunites with man who brought him to safety

POSTED: 11:36 PM MDT Aug 11, 2013 

Glenn Dotson reunited with the man who helped him to safety two days after falling into a stream of mud on Highway 24.

On Friday, Dotson was caught in a mudslide on Highway 24. He had two choices: wait out the mudslide inside his car or get out. The choice he made is one he said he'll never make again.

"I thought I don't have far to go, just a little ways. I'm getting out of this water," Dotson said.

Dotson said he took one or two steps and the water knocked him down, causing him to slide 10 to 20 feet. He landed by Ben Tilghman's car.

"I yelled to him 'Get in my car' and he was saying 'I'm filthy' and I said 'I don't care about filthy. Get in my car so it's safe,'" Tilghman said.

On Sunday, Dotson and Tilghman reunited for the first time since Friday's rescue.

Tilghman said, "When you see somebody in dire straits like you were, you take care of them to the full amount-- that's what this world needs."

It was a happy ending for Dotson, but not for all. John Collins, 53, lost his life in the flash flood on Highway 24.

"People just need to be aware of how dangerous water is. It's a killer and we're gonna be dealing with this for years," Tilghman said. 

Dotson said he wanted to get out of his car because he kept hearing people say to move to higher ground during a flash flood. Emergency responders say that's true, unless people are in their cars and it's surrounded by fast-moving water. In that case, stay inside the vehicle. Dotson said it's a lesson he learned the hard way.