Eclipse frenzy draws huge crowd of students in Colorado Springs

Eclipse frenzy draws huge crowd...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Students filled up Rocky Mountain Classical Academy's quad in Colorado Springs Monday to experience their first solar eclipse.

"I was so excited, I couldn't believe it!" said Logan Brooks, a third-grader. "My mom wouldn't stop talking about it."

Brooks along with hundreds of other students spent the last week studying eclipse curriculum and the science behind it.

"It's kind of weird how such small objects like the moon can cover the sun," said Macy Awtrey.

Steve Pomeroy, a school administrator said this is the best part of their job.

"The energy is just infectious, I mean you feed off of it," he said.

The field was described as a sea of smiling faces, matching glasses, and eyes glued to the sky.

"It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity," Macy said.

The school provided glasses and a telescope to watch the eclipse. 

"It didn't really go as expected, I thought it was going to be much darker," said Otis Bartholow. "But it was still a great experience."

Leaving many feeling thankful for their education and the scientists who uncovered this phenomenon.

"I hope that everybody can see the eclipse someday," said Jackson Jones.

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy incorporated eclipse curriculum for every subject in each grade level.

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