SOLD OUT - NASA approved eclipse viewing glasses flying off shelves

COLORADO SPRINGS - Finding a pair of NASA approved solar eclipse viewing glasses is becoming a rarity as the big day approaches.  

Stores across the state of Colorado as well as the country are selling out.

NASA has compiled a list of approved vendors and retailers to help you ensure the glasses you buy will protect your eyes from the eclipsing sun.

Warning, with it being less than a week away, you may not be able to get them in time. 

7-11’s corporate office spoke with our partners at WXYZ in Detroit, offering some hope by revealing that some of their locations will be getting one last shipment before Monday, August 21. They didn't specify which locations.

NASA sent eclipse glasses to libraries across the country, but most in our area have run out.

Check with your local library to see if they will be giving out any the day of. 

Some sellers on Amazon say they still have glasses for you to buy, but the prices can be steep and there’s no guarantee they will arrive on time.

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