The Great American Eclipse forecast

SOUTHERN COLORADO, Colo. - We're carefully tracking the forecast for the total solar eclipse on Monday. Southern Colorado will experience the maximum eclipse at 11:47 a.m. Remember, this only lasts for a matter of minutes. Right now, a system in New Mexico is headed north into Colorado and bringing a bunch of moisture in the form of high level clouds to try and block our view of the eclipse. Although these clouds could obstruct the view of the eclipse for some areas, the sky will darken, making it a memorable experience. 

Across the United States, there will be various weather conditions. While visibility will be good along the West Coast, there will be a mixture of clouds along the Rockies. Into the southeastern corner of the U.S., clouds will be quite thick. Salem and Nashville will be some of the best cities to view the eclipse along the "path of totality."

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