Rain not slowing pothole work in Colorado Springs

Most rain falling while workers not on duty

Rain Not Slowing Pothole Work in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The timing of recent rainy days in Colorado Springs is allowing pothole repairs to remain on schedule.

Jerry Van Horn of Trax Construction, the contractor hired by the city to assist in pothole work, said most of the rain has fallen on weekends or in the evenings when workers are no longer on the job.

However, he said, rain falling into the asphalt mix piled into dump trucks has been an occasional problem.

"Like today, we had to dump some of our asphalt because it got under a certain degree," Van Horn said.  "We had to go dump it and replace it.  So it slows us down more than anything else."

For that reason, workers won't fill potholes during rain, or immediately before or after.

"Once we roll it, it's good to go," Van Horn said.  "It'll last a long time.

Filling potholes is a fairly involved process.  Workers first dig up the damaged surface and the area around it, then coat the area with tar, spread in an asphalt mix heated to at least 200 degrees, pack it in and roll over it with a rolling machine.

Workers were filling potholes Wednesday on Mesa Road near Garden of the Gods, where part of a bicycle race will pass later this summer.

Trax is about half finished with a $2 million contract to provide supplemental pothole repairs to the city.  Trax was the only contractor to bid for the job.  Van Horn said the contract allowed him to hire a dozen employees.

Meanwhile, the city's Streets Division plans to start pothole repairs on Eighth Street late this week or early next week.

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