Colorado College hosts 'big cool science festival'

CC Big Cool Science Festival

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado College cool science club held its 'big cool science festival' Saturday. The goal: to get kids involved in science at an early age.

From making potions with household chemicals, to a cave simulator, dozens of booths set up gave kids a chance to explore the field of science.

"Everyone loves that feeling of discovery and when you can inspire kids early on. That's not only exciting but valuable and you can celebrate that with them," said Mark Rantel, with Colorado Springs march for science.

Kids of all ages attended and had a chance to experiment.

"I did the shock thing you hold your hand on the shock thing, the guy touches the something with this stick and then electrocute you, just a small shock," said Chino Estrada.

At one booth, challenge learning center taught the science of rockets.

"Our goal is to inspire kids doing anything stem based. They're building paper rockets back here and headed their to launch the rockets," said Carrie Ryden with Challenger Learning Center.

At another booth, kids learned the science of making play-dough.

"My daughter is starting to be in the age where she's really interested in these types of things and thought we'd come out here and see what she thinks about it. Just expand her memory and learning on science," said Robert Ortiz, a parent.

Kids also learned how to build an electric Lego set.

"These kids are going to be the ones to figure out the next big advancement of things, so getting them started early is the best," Rantel said.

This year's theme was Harry Potter.

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