El Paso County school district considers arming teachers

El Paso County school district...
EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Teachers in a southeastern El Paso County school may soon be allowed to carry weapons.
"The real question is, in view of what we have on hand, is it necessary to actually arm somebody in the building?" said Mark McPherson, the board president of Hanover. 
A board member from the Hanover School District proposed the gun resolution. It goes to a vote on Wednesday.
"There is a desire for a perceived increase in security within the building," McPherson said.
If the school board votes to pass the resolution, there will still be a lot of details to iron out, including safety training for the teachers.
Stephen Christopher, who teaches concealed carry and security classes, says training is key if the measure moves forward.
"You not only have to know what the rules are as far as carrying a gun, but you've got to demonstrate how to do it safely," Christopher said.
Schools across Colorado are stepping up and increasing safety because of growing instances of violence in schools. 
"Safety is always our first priority, we do everything we can, our buildings are secure, our staff is aware and we are vigilant on a daily basis," Christopher said.
Christopher says putting teachers in "real world" scenarios is the best way to prepare them for the unthinkable.
"You get that adrenaline going through your system, a lot of things change in your body, your perceptions, your physical and mental abilities," Christopher said.
McPherson said ulitmately he would rather see more trained security guards as opposed to armed teachers.
"Because you do put everybody in the building at risk when there's weapons in the school," McPherson said.

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