First grader who was labeled with 'sexual harassment' at school is leaving Colorado

Follow-up: First grader suspended for kissing girl

CAÑON CITY, Colorado -- - Like any other first grader, Hunter Yelton has work to be done.

Like any other first grader, he gets to use an eraser when he makes a mistake. 

But unlike any other first grader, his actions won't be erased entirely.

Earlier this school year at Cañon City's Lincoln School for Science and Technology, Yelton was suspended for four days and "sexual harassment" was put on his student record, for kissing a classmate – a girl – on the cheek and hand.

Later, school administrators agreed to reduce the write-up to "misconduct."

The write-up reduction will follow Yelton to his next school, in Florida. 

Yelton is worried about it.

"The computer will follow me," said Yelton. 

"It's going to follow and say he has an issue with touching, because he kissed a girl on the cheek and the hands in first grade.  There's a fear that this will follow him into his adult life," said Jennifer Saunders, the boy's mom.

While not the sole reason for moving, Saunders said what happened this year was one "motivating factor" for changing schools.

It's been a lesson learned for the family. 

"We've been working with Hunter a lot about keeping his hands to himself.  We're a very hands-on family. [We're] teaching him that there's an appropriate time and place for that," said Saunders.

The girl Yelton kissed was moved to a different classroom shortly after Yelton was suspended.

A request to get the girl's mother's side was not returned.


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