Graduation rate up, drop-out rate down in Colorado

DENVER - The Colorado Department of Education says more high school seniors are staying in school and earning their diplomas. 

The state's graduation rate for the class of 2016 was 78.9%, up from 77.3% the year before. In total, the class of 2016 had 2,040 more graduates than the class of 2015. 

While the graduation rate is up, the dropout rate is down. Colorado's dropout rate during the 2015-2016 school year was 2.3%. It was 2.5% during the 2014-2015 school year.

“The news is encouraging for the state and shows the continued dedicated commitment of students, parents, teachers and school staff,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “It is motivating that we are moving in the right direction as we all strive to have students graduate prepared for life after high school, whether that is in college or careers," she said. 

Of the major Colorado Springs-area school districts, Manitou Springs School District 14 had the highest graduation rate at 93.7%. Colorado Springs School District 11 had the lowest graduation rate at 69.7%.

Pueblo County School District 70 had a graduation rate of 85.5%, while the graduation rate for Pueblo City Schools was lower at 73.9%.


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