Officials expose Pueblo West HS students to dangers of drinking and driving

Officials expose Pueblo West HS...

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - Students at Pueblo West High School got to see firsthand the damage of drinking and driving.

The scene was staged in front of the school to show students how a drinking and driving crash unfolds.

Juniors and seniors watched fellow classmates play out the scene of a fatal crash involving alcohol with the help of the Pueblo West Fire crew, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, Flight for Life and AMR.

Officials say the scene is very realistic.

“It really hits home with the kids. Even though these actors that are portraying these people in the car, they're drama students from the high school. So, it's their own peers, so I feel that message gets out to them a lot stronger,” said Brad Davidson with Pueblo West Fire.

“I saw it as a sophomore, and it really spoke to me. So I hope it speaks to other people too,” said James Martin.

Pueblo West firefighters say they hope the mock crash sparks a conversation between parents and their kids about the dangers of drinking and driving.

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