Pueblo City Schools wants community's help in strategic plan

Pueblo City Schools wants communitys...

PUEBLO, Colo. - Students in a third-grade classroom at Columbia Elementary School are working hard to succeed and get good grades. 

And now Pueblo City Schools is taking a page from their book and looking for success.

"As we look at kind of reinvigorating the school district and building that trust again with our community," said Dalton Sprouse, the district communications director.

The district is asking for the community's help in creating a new strategic plan.

"To really give us that kind of opinionated standpoint of where they see the school district and what priorities they want us to focus on," Sprouse said. 

The administration says the ultimate goal is to get back to what the community really cares about.

Junior Mondragon has a grandchild and son in the district and a priority he would like to see changed is giving teachers more money for supplies so parents don't have to pull from their pockets.

"There's a lot of parents out there, single parents, and they can't afford all this stuff. They struggle," Mondragon said.

He said he would like to see the teachers also make more money.

"The schools are doing great, it's just that they need to do a little bit more in the administration building," Mondragon said.

The district is planning on putting out a survey at the beginning of February and having focus groups as well.

The last time the district did a plan like this was in 2007.

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