Vista Ridge student accused of putting Visine in salad dressing

D-49 says 20 students went home sick

Falcon student accused of putting Visine in salad dressing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A Vista Ridge High School student is in trouble after he allegedly put Visine eye drops into salad dressing that was eaten by students at lunch on Monday.

Police cited the student on charges of "reckless endangerment" and "interference with staff, faculty, or students of an educational institution."

District 49 spokesperson Stephanie Wurtz said about 20 kids reported feeling nauseous after eating the dressing and went home sick.

"We understand that, if consumed in a large quantity, Visine could have some negative side affects like nausea, dizziness, low body temperature, so we were concerned," said Wurtz,

Wurtz said a student reported seeing a classmate put the Visine into the ranch dressing. She said the accused student said that there was only water in the Visine bottle. Authorities searched through the trash, but never located the bottle.

Students said they were surprised to hear the announcement that any students who ate ranch dressing at lunch should go see the nurse.

"We knew it was kind of serious because (the school official) was kind of freaking out a little bit over the announcement," said student Sam Kulka.

Kulka said he talked to friends of the accused student.

"I heard he only put a couple of drops into the ranch and that he wasn't trying to hurt anybody or anything," said Kulka. "That it was just kind of a joke."

Paramedics, police and firefighters were called to the school as a precaution. D-49 said that parents should contact a doctor and the school if their child shows symptoms of consuming Visine.

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