Wasson choir teacher says goodbye

The final chapter of Wasson has come to an end. Not only the students are saying good-bye, but the teachers are too.  

Choir director Renee Tabet is one of the longest tenured teachers at Wasson High School. After her seventeen year run she has to pack up trophies, sort sheet music, and reflect on wonderful memories. Including  the strength that her students gave her when she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in May 2011.
Tabet says "The only thing I had to get out of bed for was to be there teacher, to inspire them with music, to sing beautiful music, and touch their Heart as they were touching mine."

Her battle made one particular song more meaningful. The song "Old Irish Blessing" has been part of Tabet's choirs for all her time at Wasson. While she was battling cancer, Tabet explains how one student shared kind words from that song to show his love and concern for Tabet and her health. "It was just a great little Facebook message that said "I remember Ms.  Tabet, I remember the words that she left us with, and her words were 'May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, and until I see you again, may god hold you in the palms of his hand' because he didn't know if I was going to be gone when he came back. He was holding me with his heart and his words that I had instilled in him."
Tabet will continue to teach in District 11 for another year then she will retire.

Tabet is celebrating with a Wasson Alumni Choir party this Saturday at the Wasson Auditorium from 1pm to 3pm. Contact <> for more information.

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