El Paso County Deputies seize about $200,000 of illegal marijuana

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FALCON, Colo. - El Paso County deputies busted another illegal marijuana growing operation Wednesday afternoon. 

Deputies seized 66 plants and 20 pounds of processed marijuana from a Falcon home in the 12000 block of Mt. Belford Way. 

Lt. Bill Huffor said the total seized is worth about $200,000 on the street. 

"These plants are mature, they are ready to be harvested. Each plan in this grow, from what we can tell, is capable of producing half a pound of usable marijuana. So, these plants were ready to be harvested, so I'm glad we got it when we did," Huffor said. 

This bust is the latest by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. So far this year deputies have seized more than 2500 illegal marijuana plants from illegal growing operations and arrested almost two dozen people. 

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