El Paso County refutes Sheriff's claims

Attached and below is a copy of an email sent from the County Treasurer to Countywide elected offices last fall requesting bank account information.   Several media outlets have noted that during today's BoCC meeting both the District Attorney and the Public Trustee noted that they had not received a request for account information from the Treasurer's Office last fall.

By way of clarification, there was also considerable discussion during today's BoCC meeting differentiating the Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office and the Public Trustee Office from countywide elected offices because both are technically "state offices affiliated with El Paso County" and are not "countywide elected offices" specifically designated by state law.  The Public Trustee is appointed by the Governor's Office and the District Attorney is elected from both El Paso County and Teller County. 

The attached email was directed at "countywide elected offices" sent to the County Coroner, the County Assessor, the County Sheriff and the County Clerk and Recorder.   As you will note, it was not directed to either the Fourth Judicial District Attorney or the Public Trustee.  The email is dated November 22, 2013  and indicates BoCC Chair Dennis Hisey and County Administrator Jeff Greene were copied.   

I hope this is helpful.

Dave Rose

Public Information Officer

El Paso County


From: Robert Balink
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 12:13 PM
To: Robert Bux; Mark Lowderman; Terry Maketa; Wayne Williams
Cc: Dennis Hisey; Jeff Greene
Subject: Request for bank account information

Dear County-wide elected officials,

In preparation for the annual county audits…a complete listing of all bank accounts that hold county funds needs to be maintained by the County Treasurer's Office and the County Finance Department.

Therefore, all County offices and departments are being asked to report all bank accounts utilized by their respective offices. 

The Treasurer's office is submitting this request to county-wide elected officials and the Board of County Commissioners will be doing likewise with all other county departments and offices.

The following information is needed: 

  • Name of the account
  • The name of the bank and its location (branch)
  • the Federal Tax Identification number on the account, and
  • the PDPA number associated with each account

 Please send this information to our office by December 6, 2013 so that all accounts are included in the county's annual financial statements.

 Thanks and best wishes for a happy holiday season.


Robert C. Balink

County Treasurer

1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 2100

Colorado Springs, CO 80907


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