Impromptu concert entertains drivers stranded by mudslide Saturday

Local band performs along U.S. 24 in Ute Pass

Local Band Gives Concert to Stranded Drvers

People who never heard of the Tejon Street Corner Thieves before now likely are more familiar with the band after what it did to help people cope with Saturday's closure of U.S. 24 in Ute Pass.

While many were stuck in traffic, waiting on a mudslide to be cleaned up, they got a surprise -- music from the band after members pulled off the road in Crystola.

The four-man band started playing for those who had nowhere else to go. 

Band members said the mudslide forced them to miss a gig Saturday night in Colorado Springs but figured they'd pass the hat around.

"Everybody was kind of losing it," said band member Connor O'Neal.  "They were getting out of their cars anyway.  So we figured, yeah -- set up, get some people having fun out there on the street, dancing and checking us out.  It happened to be more successful than we thought.  People loved it."

The band played at the Blue Moose Tavern in Green Mountain Falls  Saturday night after their impromptu concert on the highway.

Band members gave away free CDs of their music and hope to have won over some new fans.  They definitely earned the thanks of many people for easing the mood on a hectic day.

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