F-16 arrives in Pueblo after years of waiting

F16 arrives in Pueblo after years of waiting

PUEBLO, Colo. - As the F-16 pulled into the lot at the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Pueblo, Restoration Director Joe Musso expressed his relief.

"This is the fourth time we've been told we could have it and bring it. The last couple of times they've found little parts that they've decided were top secret or still needed," Musso said.

Once the plane arrived, the unpacking of three semi-trucks' worth of equipment began. This plane had been in the Arizona desert at the Airplane Boneyard since 2001. But because it was in such good shape, Musso said it should only take a few months to restore.

Unlike the World War II planes that make up a good chunk of the collection, this F-16 is still relatively new technology. The museum's president, Michael Wright, said he is excited to put it on display. 

"There are a lot of Gulf War veterans that have memories that are pretty vivid in their mind, and this will bring back a lot of memories for them," Wright said.

The Arizona desert took a bit of a toll on the plane. The mission now is to make it look like it's ready to take flight.

"When they are able to come in and actually touch something that they used back in history, you just see all those emotions go over them. And at that point in time you know you've done your job," Musso said.

Earlier in the week, an F-15 was also delivered. That plane shot down an Iraqi MiG in the 1990s.

Both planes are bringing more history to this museum in the Home of Heroes.

The F-16 cost $25,000 and the F-15 was $30,000. All of the money used to pay for the planes was collected through private donors.

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