The makers of a documentary about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado say they plan to hand out marijuana at the movie's premiere.

"Mile High - The Comeback of Cannabis" will debut at the Mayan Theater in Denver on Tuesday, July 8. Screenings have also been scheduled at the Boulder Theater in Boulder.

Filmmaker Adam Hartle says he plans to stand outside the theaters before each screening to hand out a small amount of marijuana to movie goers. Hartle says in a news release that the marijuana will only be given to people who are over the age of 21 and show a legal ID.

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The news release characterizes the film as a "comedy documentary on Amendment 64" and says it "blend's Hartle's socially conscious stand-up comedy with real life events in Colorado from the last two years."

The film made headlines in the Huffington Post last week when clips were released showing Hartle smoking marijuana during an interview with former Congressman Tom Tancredo.